[LBN003] Elisa Luu – “The time of waiting” (July 14, 2010)

[LBN003] Elisa Luu – “The time of waiting”

The circus of life.

Children laugh as the man sniffs and looks like a hunting dog before stumbling on his destiny.

The time of waiting.


Elisa Luu – r735

Elisa Luu – 22 Marz

Elisa Luu – Flow Time

Elisa Luu – 13 Maggio

Elisa Luu – Piano 5-1

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Fluid Radio - POSTCARDS FROM ITALY: ROME PART I – INTERVIEW WITH ELISA LUU – LA BÈL NETLABEL IDM -”Ms. Luu covers a lot of sonic territory in just over four minutes, and each second is composed and arranged to perfection.” / The Silent Ballet -”This is a more than decent work from a burgeoning composer who started her own net label to offer it for free.” / Netlabels Revue -”Bref, Un Ep très touchant et assez intense, à ne surtout pas manquer.” / Acuvi -”If you listen at a reasonable low volume you can still hear the music and what’s going on in the room next to yours at the same time.” / Rockerilla -”The Time of Waiting’ ha la forza devastante di uno sguardo perso nel dolore dell’abbandono senza ritorno…” / Free Albums Galore -”It is a peaceful yet restless sound that works well in those evenings after a stressful day.” / Hefty Shit -”…the 5 tracks on this ep are again totally beautiful..and funny…” / Recent Music Heroes -”Elektrooniline lummus paisub sümfooniliseks illusiooniks, ülenedes sakraalseks hümniks.” / Ondarock -”L’artista romana si misura qui con il tema dell’attesa e dell’immaterialità del tempo, che viene reso attraverso una vasta gamma di sospensioni e riflessi rilucenti…” / Disquiet -”There are playful beats, distorted as if through a watery mirror. There is quasi-orchestral extravagance…” / Musica Selection -”cinco ambientales y románticos tracks bien al estilo Electro-Acoustic. Disfrútenlo.” / Yamanotedreams -”..soooo nice…. electronica tunes, full of hope feelings….”