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Old Splendifolia

Jana Plewa is a singer, songwriter and musician.

She researches through the field of lyrics, melodies and sounds.

Also Frank Schültge Blumm roams around here.

Trained in guitar the solo artist F.S. Blumm is known for his acoustic and

joyfully experimental instrumental pieces.

Old Splendifolia`s first album “…swaying boldly afar…” was released 2008

on Plop Records/Nature Bliss Inc. (Japan).

It consists of 15 interwoven pieces.

The versatile instrumentation includes guitar, banjo, cello, piano,

bass clarinet, horn, percussion instruments and more

and is attentively arranged not to paint over the quiet moods.

Jana Plewa Bio

Jana Plewa is a singer, songwriter, musician, composer and performer.

Together with Frank Schültge Blumm she is Old Splendifolia and together with Sebastian Skalei she is The Kat Cosm.

Jana worked together with various other artists and wrote songs and sang for TV- and film-productions.

She has a special interest in ethnography and field recording.

Her latest passion is all about plant-based and raw food and she is going to be a singing Organic-Gourmet-Food-Nutritionist and –Chef 


2013 – Old Splendifolia – “Utterly Heartbreaking” (La bèl netlabel)

2012 – Sven Kacirek – “Scarlet Remix EP” (Pingipung)

2012 – Sven Kacirek – “Scarlet Pitch Dreams” (Pingipung)

2011 – Sven Kacirek – “The Kenya Reworks” (Pingipung/Goethe-Institut)

2010 – Goethe! Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (edel Records)

2010 – The Kat Cosm – “By Creatures They All Fear”

2008 – Old Splendifolia „…swaying boldly afar…“, (Plop/Nature Bliss) (Japan)

2004 – Tenecke Night of the Hunter (SubRosa)

2003 – The Kat Cosm – “Knightboat” (Klangkrieg/Staubgold)

2001 – The Kat Cosm – “Sophie Playing the Recorder at School” (Klangkrieg)

Frank Schültge Blumm Bio

Born in Bremen on the 16th of July 1968

Studying Art, Music and Educational-Science in Bremen and Hannover.

Living in Berlin since February 1997.

Working as:

- Musician / Composer (F.S.Blumm, Bobby And Blumm, Old Splendifolia, QuasiDUb Development etc.)

- Author / Producer of Radioplays

F.S.Blumm was performing in North- and SouthEurope, Canada, USA, Mexiko and Japan so far.

With ‘Bobby and Blumm’ he performed in India and Bangladesh for the ‘Goethe Institut’ (Dec.. 2009)



[LBN017] Old Splendifolia – “Utterly Heartbreaking”

Title: Utterly Heartbreaking [LBN017]

Artist: Old Splendifolia

Genre/Style: Acoustic/Folk

Date: 19 January 2013

Country: Germany

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