[LBN027] Elisa Luu – “Enchanting Gaze” (November 03, 2014)

[LBN027] Elisa Luu - "Enchanting Gaze"

On Enchanting Gaze, Elisa Luu’s shimmering tones and deftly handled rhythms

are manipulated into breathtaking new shapes.

On tracks such as ‘Bro’, expansive synths paint wondrous starscapes,

while the gritty ‘B.P.M.’ chases beats and growing drones through dark city streets.

Enchanting Gaze manages to beautifully balance its cosmic/terrestrial duality throughout its six tracks,

making it a wonderful progression in the Elisa Luu discography.

“Enchanting Gaze” is released through La bèl in collaboration with Hidden Shoal.



Musica Difficile Italiana:  “Il disco è un’intesa opera elettroacustica di rara bellezza. Incredibilmente studiato in ogni suono, variazione, beat e rumore…” Yeah I Know It Sucks:  “Elisa Luu’s Enchanting Gaze is an album that is of the pretty kind, something that lightens up and gives that special sparkle of a having a wonderful day.” Igloo Magazine:  “Six pieces gather wool as Luu daydreams aloud, ideating musics as concrete as an Irish jig danced out the door.” Disquiet:  “The six tracks of Elisa Luu’s Enchanting Gaze are mosaics made of fractures. Each piece is more than cohesive enough to stand as a composition…” EtherREAL Webzine:  “Les faisant évoluer, incorporant progressivement plusieurs matériaux, renouvelant son propos et déployant ses ambitions, elle peut alors se faire pleinement convaincante” Collettivo HMFC:  “Da quel momento il mio ego non è più stato lo stesso.Da quel momento il mio ego ha deciso di vivere come in un disco di Elisa Luu.” Luna Kafè:  “Her music is glowing, her songs radiate with heat and steam, but they also unveil these elegant hints and tints of cool as well.” The Breakfast Jumpers:  “Impetuoso manipolato da grazia femminea, spontanea evasività tutta infantile…” Music Won’t Save You:  “il lavoro rappresenta un ulteriore stadio di sviluppo nella sua capacità nel plasmare sculture sonore coniugando componenti sintetiche e concrete in una materia densa e granulosa.” Roma Suona:  “…un mix di delicatezza e dal sapore dell’ignoto…”. Recent Music Heroes:  “…Undoubtedly she is an outstanding artist.”.

                           “Enchanting Gaze” is also available in limited edition CD for your La bèl collection on Bandcamp                             

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