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Ongaku2 is a duo from Sardinia (Italy) that combinds the need to mix sound and silence

with a resulting istant composition based on improvisation, experimentation and timbrical‐research.

The duo is composed by Elia Casu (prepared guitars, electronics) and Paolo Sanna (drums, percussions, objects).

OnGaku2 presented their idea of Improvisation in several festivals, like InterAzioni (Assemini),

Signal Festival (Quartucciu), ArtEko (Asti), Area Sismica musica inaudita (Forlì), L’isola delle storie Festival letterario della Sardegna (Gavoi),

Uanciufreefestival jazz (Siniscola), Scrusci (Alcamo), Høyt og Lavt (Oslo), Musiche in estinzione (Bari) Area Sismica musica extra‐ordinaria (Forlì).


2010 – Ongaku2 – “Kado live @ Area Sismica” (ImprovvisatoreInvolontario)

2010 – Ongaku2 ‐ “Compilation Solo Rumore #1″ ‐ (HysM? Indipendent Music Catalogue)

2009 – Ongaku2 – “dialoghiattraversofilielettrici” (selfproduced – free download)

2009 – Daniele Ledda – “Six Memos art documentary” (TiConZero)(DVD VIDEO)

2008 – Ongaku2 – “Ongaku2″ (TiConZero)









[LBN018] Ongaku2 - "Short Stories"

Title: Short Stories [LBN018]

Artist: Ongaku2

Genre/Style: Impro/Experimental

Date: 06 March 2013

Country: Italy

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