[LBN008] Plusplus – “Evils” (March 21, 2011)

[LBN008] Plusplus - Evils
“Evils” is like spring that waves from the window,
like riding a bike along the paths of a solitary countryside.
Gentle caresses of a devilish look.
“Evils” is quiet and tension, dreamy english folk of the third millennium.



Plusplus – “Oh Mary what have you done”

Plusplus – “Evils”

Plusplus – “Broken Boiler”

Plusplus – “We want be moving today”

Plusplus – “Tip Toes”

Plusplus – “Chicago”

Plusplus – “Swimmer”

Plusplus – “Sisters”

Plusplus – “Rivers”

Plusplus – “Windings”

Plusplus – “North Bank Upper”

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Le marteau et lenclume -“Evils”, et son folkronica aérien, est une invitation à la rêverie. C’est doux, léger, et réconfortant!“ / Acts of Silence -“Evils use of acoustic guitar, subtle synthesizers and field recordings are just the right blend for Sunday morning, well any morning for that matter.” / Disquiet -“This is music that challenges various notions of folk, notably the one that hears folk as an entrenched, pre-digital realm.” / Acuvi -“Evils is a easy listening pleasure with soft and smooth acoustic guitars and different instruments, that makes dreamy and inventive atmospheric folktronica.” / The Breakfast Jumpers -“…Adam Radmall, artista londinese che crea bellissime atmosfere “primaverili”, da vento tra i capelli insomma. Qualcosa per rilassarsi al sole.” / Netlabels Revue -“En tout cas, le résultat de tout ça est plus que satisfaisant avec 12 titres très beaux, aux ambiances bucoliques et mélancoliques. A ne pas manquer !” / Recent Music Heroes -“All in all, this album shall have to be listened to lots of time while being the grower by its nature. It is a highly mesmerizing issue indeed.” / Yamanotedreams -“Very nice album…please, download it !!!” / NetMusic Life -“Evils ha il pregio di trasmettere un sottile senso di speranza, di invogliarti a stringere la mano ad uno sconosciuto…”