[LBN010] N-qia – “qia songs” (07 July 2011)

[LBN010] N-qia – “qia songs”

La bel netlabel is proud to present N-qia,

an eclectic electronic Duo by Nozomi (vocal) & Takma (programming) from Tokyo.

N-qia music is a skyscraper of many colors,

the mood changes throughout the day.

“qia songs” is an electronic dream of the present.


N-qia – Frosty

N-qia – Dust

N-qia – Wander

N-qia – Fullmoon

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Twicwremoved -”…and their short 4 track 18 minute Ep”Qia Songs”is a nice little treat” /  Recent Music Heroes - ”While it sometimes resembles of the Iceland`s mùm or some Efterklang`s deeds, I can perceive it as idiosyncratic on its own..” / Oìr para creer -”…un proyecto de dream pop electrónico y de voces sedosas que enamora desde la primera escucha.” / The Breakfast Jumpers -”Quando si dice musica ipnotica di cui è impossibile fare a meno. Ecco, d’ora in poi il mio metro di paragone sarà questo.Qia Songs.” / Netlabels Revue -”quatre titres poptronica très réussis dans lesquels on pourra trouver des réminiscences des albums deMum ou Lali Puna avec une petit touche dubstep pas désagréable sur le dernier titre” /