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Captive Portal

The art of music has been a way of life for me. I started my musical journey in 2004.

I’ve played in numerous bands over the years as well as having many solo projects.

Have we ever wondered what could measure the need…if there’s a measurement unit for longings o if everything has to be related to necessity?

I create music with everyday sounds, random toys, instruments, and really anything that makes noise.

Musically, my catalog is all over the place because I can’t limit myself to any one style of music. This is musical madness.

And the best part? All my music is free to download as my gift to you! Also, feel free to share it!

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Captive Portal - “Music Is Telephone” [LBN038]

Title: Music Is Telephone [LBN038]

Artist: Captive Portal

Genre/Style: Guitar/Acoustic/Loop

Date: 25 February 2017

Country: U.S.A

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