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Difondo is an electroacoustic music group, based between Italy and France.

It takes ahead a timbrical research on musical and concrete materials which are then reworked through collective improvisation.

The performing modes, which include live sampling, live sounds digital processing and live spatialization, aim to create an experiental dimension to share with the audience.

Sound sources, usually taken from toy instruments, sound objects, spoken words recordings and field recordings are from time to time used to make up worlds linked with a

reflection on contemporary themes.


Sergio Camedda: sampler, sound objects, harmonica, balloons, piano, live electronics;

Giampaolo Campus: sound objects, assorted percussion, zither, vibraphone, glasses, waterphone, piano, live electronics;

Giuseppe Casu: electric guitar, voice.


[LBN004] Difondo – “Habitat”

Title: Habitat [LBN004]

Artists: Difondo

Genre/Style: Acoustic/Electronic/Ambient/Improvisation

Date: 01 September 2010

Country: Italy

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