[LBN036]  Safir Nòu - “Groundless” (September 09, 2016)

[LBN036] Safir Nòu - "Groundless"

Safir Nòu (Antonio Firinu) is a composer, guitarist and accordionist.

The music collected in the album Groundless could be identified as “total music”,

influenced by different styles and genres, from world music to post-rock to jazz.

The sounds and the melodies bring the listener to an ethereal and hypnotic dimension,

which is the “groundless” dimension indeed.

The Album has been produced between Italy (Cagliari), Spain (Leon) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam).


Creative Commons - Attribution + Noncommercial + NoDerivatives


Groundless is the result of uncountable hours of work and joy under the belief that music has to be created merely out of emotions,

in order to touch the mind of the listener and the creators themselves.

Producing this recording involved the hands and the help of many people,

not all of them listed here, who supported this project in different ways to make it possible,

sometimes not even aware of it. To all of you, we are very grateful.

We hope you enjoy this album as much as we do.

Your donation will serve to support this and future works of groundless music.Thank you!


100% Bandcamp:  “une vraie petite pépite musicale pour un disque aussi rare que précieux. A ne pas surtout pas manquer.” EtherREAL:  “vrais bons moments musicaux, impeccablement instrumentés et sachant jouer des variations et des intensités avec brio.” FrostClick:  “…all Groundless aims to be is a touching expression of sentiment – nothing more, nothing less.” Babylon Radio2:  “Traccia meravigliosa questa “Imaginary Cloud”…un disco molto bello” Musica Difficile Italiana:  “…come la musica strumentale trovi una terza via fatta di passione, emozioni e suoni belli.” Traks:  “Lavoro certosino e attento, il disco di Safir Nòu si distingue per la leggerezza del tocco.” SoWhat:  “Le melodie costruite da Antonio Firinu hanno la capacità di condurre lontano verso un accogliente rifugio in cui lasciare libera l’immaginazione.” Liverpool Sound and Vision:  “…so much so that the positive energies that come directly out the mind of the musician is enough to paint a different edge to reality and the dance we find ourselves creating.” the sunday experience:  “Another release much deserving of a quiet moment, ‘groundless’ is exquisitely expressed in neo classical phrasings all intricately whittled and charmed in intimacy.” Music Won’t Save You:  “Il tutto scorre infatti in maniera del tutto naturale, senza creare sensazioni di spaesamento, che non sia quello dolce e trasognato della leggerezza di una musica che trascende tempi, stili e spazi fisici.” NetMusic Life:  “La musica di Safir Nòu cavalca l’aria, adagiandosi su brezze primaverili, sorridendo alla bellezza che la natura ogni giorno ci regala senza avere nulla in cambio.” Ondarock:  “Groundless vive anime differenti…un mondo arioso e liberatorio…seppur maniacale nei dettagli e nella preparazione tecnica dei musicisti.” Beach Sloth:  “Truly lovely in nature Safir Nou’s “Groundless” is a radiant joy of an album.” Yeah I Know It Sucks:  “Safir Nòu’s Groundless is a lovely help, a wonderful loving release that will certainly get you through the day, an angel in compositional forms.”


        Available in limited CD edition for your La bèl collection on sale on Bandcamp

Groundless CD


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