Nick Rivera  - “Pigeons fly freak”      The new video directed by Giorgia Soi!                 

It is a story of a female Alien who arrives on a kind of moonground with her spaceship and, following a luminous path, she arrives underwater, in the deepnesses of the ocean, where she finds the musician, Nick Rivera, who is playing his song, Pigeons Fly freak. And suddenly it happens: the reunion of two different souls, unknow but well-known at the same time. In the name of music, love and inspiration. You can listen and download the track from the Nick Rivera’s album “Zamalek“.


[LBN028] Madoka Ogitani – “Take a Walk” (February 05, 2015)

[LBN028] Madoka Ogitani - "Take a Walk"

The colors of spring.

A piano, a delicate guitar arpeggio, a flute and tiny sounds.

The beauty of simplicity.

This is Madoka Ogitani.

Five tracks to listen to while you’re taking a walk…


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TraKs:  “La compattezza è una virtù notevole, soprattutto se unita all’efficacia dell’esecuzione come in questo caso.” The Cerebral Rift:  “…this is a wonderful release for anyone looking for a nice acoustic instrumental work.” Music Won’t Save You:  “Una piccola delizia da ascoltare all’aria aperta, baciati dai raggi solari dal tepore fioco ma ritrovato.” Arte & Arti:  “…l’artista crea cicli sonori delicati ed eterei concentrandosi su ogni singolo episodio.” Sounds Behind The Corner:  “…momenti gentili sottolineati dalla musica di Madoka con la delicatezza di chi osserva e lascia sia il cuore a scrivere la musica” Des Chips et du Rosé:  “…les compostions folktronica aussi charmantes que poétiques de la japonaise Madoka Ogitani” Beach Sloth:  “Take a Walk is delicate. Pieces are held up thanks to the smallest sound. Everything is bright and shiny.” NetMusic Life:  “Madoka ha realizzato un piccolo capolavoro di semplicità e naturalezza” Yeah I Know it Sucks:  “A great idea as it will turn the environment into one full of love, happiness…” Musichronic:  “Reading the album title and the artwork gives me a particular impression that these five musics is exactly suit the title.” ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

                           “Take a Walk” is also available in limited edition CD for your La bèl collection on Bandcamp


Take a Walk Cd


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