[LBN026] Plusplus – “Psycho” (September 08, 2014)


[LBN026] Plusplus - Psycho

Psycho is the third and final installment in the ‘Evils trilogy’ from Adam Radmall aka Plusplus

consisting of eight new tracks that continue on a similar theme to the two previously acclaimed albums

‘Evils’ (2010) and ‘Game Over’ (2012).

Compared with the first two Plusplus albums, Psycho is more a collaboration with Bryan Styles (Plantman)

and Rob Scillitoe contributing on drums and double bass respectively.

Producer John Hannon also contributed significantly. The result is much more of an organic sound that reveals

another side of the plusplus yet retains a similar mix of brooding atmospheres and circadian rhythms punctuated by

playful folk melodies evident on previous work.


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OndaRock: “…quella trepidante curiosità che contraddistingue il songwriting maturo di Radmall…” – NetMusic Life: “Una prodigiosa essenza che zittisce con eleganza i battiti degli orologi…” – MOGIO: “Un disco lineare ma vario quanto basta perchè appaia interessante, anzi bello. Ascolto caldamente consigliato per questo settembre.”

                           “Psycho” is also available in hand-made limited edition CD for your La bèl collection on Bandcamp                          


Psycho CD


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