[LBN002] Menion – “Out of Sound/Out of Silence” (June 07, 2010)

[LBN002] Menion - Out of sound:Out of silence

…six tracks

…six journeys

…six experiences

This work represents a sound-based secret I wanted to share first of all with myself .

The tracks come from the material I have produced in the last two years and the main aspect

they have in common is on an emotional level…

because they all talk about something I have really experienced and has deeply touched me…

My electronic music, defined by the majority as ambient, moves amongst various levels and depths:

a game of visions, some blurred, some clearer …

It’s rather like looking at things around us while wearing glasses and then without them.

The game betwen the guitar themes and underlying electronic texture is the most pronounced aspect.

I like to think my music has a kind of domino effect on the immagination;

that the sound impression leads to other images…

visions I hope can turn again into concrete reality to therefore create more art…


Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0



Kathodik- “…sei pezzi davvero affascinanti, con dei suoni avvolgenti particolarmente adatti per qualche momento di relax..”/On Repeat- “…un bel disco che si muove su scenari trasognati, liquidi e onirici, in modo molto sereno e disteso…”/Tiscali Spettacoli- “Un gioco di dissonanze e frammentazioni ritmiche, ironico e provocatore, un caleidoscopio che riassume le varie influenze sonore di Menion…”/Whatever Takes Your Fancy- “He plays guitar with a wonderful tone and airy sound that warms the room when you listen to it.”/Blow Up- “…un’elettronica IDM raffinata e intellettuale,cangiante e leggera,ispirata al jazz e alla musica classica come anche al postrock..”/Music Musings and Miscellany- “It’s the sound of sun-kissed beaches and cloudless blue skies.”/The Sirens Sound-“…He is a farmer who patiently cultivates himself and becomes an explorer when he feels the need to look for new seeds to grow…”/Netlabels & News- “…entendiendo muy bien que los temas deben tener momentos, así es como viaja al climax pero también coquetea con el silencio.”/Mùsica Selection- “…el instrumento principal es una guitarra tocada con alegría y que nos regala buenos momentos, diría que es ideal para escucharla en componía. Recomendado.”/Yamanotedreams- “A beautiful postrock/electronica album by an artist named Menion.If you never listened to it, please have a try !”/NetMusic Life- “Le sue composizioni riescono ad amalgamare elettronica ed acustica con estrema sensibilità e delicatezza…”/Phonaesthetics- “Menion, poliedrico artista cagliaritano, ci delizia con un sestetto di brani assolutamente imperdibile…”/Urban Guitar Sayonara- “This is impressive, and I listen lying down…”