[LBN042]  Macchiato Funky – “Bugella 20-50″ (May 27, 2018)


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“Past is our watermark, spotted with light and shade.

Present engages us in constant change.

Future lets our imagination flow.”

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Traks:  “…in grado di offrire brani intensi, brillanti, sempre molto mobili.” Rockerilla:  “Una rotondità ed eleganza che lo rendono piacevole all’ascolto…” Beach Sloth:  “With “Bugella 20 – 50” Macchiato Funky goes for an infectious sort of energy, one that effortlessly marries together the physical with the intellectual.” Karlporz:  “un’armonia immediata che dà vita a questo notevole lavoro…” Musica Difficile Italiana:  “Una prova ben riuscita dalle infinite pieghe compositive, melodiche e sonore” Free Music Archive:  “No Maggiore is song of the day on Free Music Archive” The Attic:  “…a sort of funkytronica with broad views” Emerging Indie Bands:  “This is an album which is best heard in entirety to fully allow the mind to expand in its immersive soundscape.” Yeah I Know It Sucks:  “…and that feeling of a most wonderful journey is about to begin.”


Normal Episode 1

PCP#566 – No Escape


“Printing and creating a 12-panel hexagon canvas cluster. 16 hours of work compressed to 2 minutes

The background song is called Sospeso by Macchiato Funky. Video created by Phil Mosby”