[LBN019] Menion – “Menion” (June 11, 2013)

[LBN019] Menion - "Menion"

This new release collects the material composed between 2012 and 2013.The songs have been strongly influenced

by the musical scenario of Berlin, where I have been living in the last two years. Almost without realizing it,

I have re-interpreted what I have seen and heard, while sifting in the fleeting personal feelings. The listeners of

this CD will find evident quotations from other musical genres: it’s up to you to find out…But there’s more to it: my

pieces of music are tales and records of emotions where reality constantly intertwines with imagination and,

hopefully, each of you will see fragments and parts of your own life in them.This release is a landing place but, as

such, it is also a new starting point towards something yet mysterious and, at the same time, captivating:

something  that is worth discovering.


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 Menion – “Stai attento ai segnali” (official video)       

Shooting, editing and post-production by Maurizio Corda.

        Available in handmade limited CD edition for your La bèl collection on sale on Bandcamp

Menion Handmade CD




The Sound of Confusion: “This album will especially appeal to open-minded dreamers, misfits, and fantastics who expect the unexpected and remain shackle-free; much like Menion and his music.” / Hypnagogue: “I found myself getting quite into both his superb guitar playing and the richness of the sound. There’s a lot going on, and he manages it all skillfully.” / Shiver: “…un uso personale e originale della chitarra, che spicca in ogni composizione su un tappeto sonoro corposo e morbido” / The Breakfast Jumpers: “Nove canzoni ed un remix che danzano con frenesia tra sonorità ambient ipnotiche e aritimie elettroniche… /”Quart – “…és talán még azt is mondhatjuk: újító darab – bár azt már nehezebb megjelölni, hogy mit is újít, mert nem kifejezetten elektronikus zene, de máshová sem szívesen sorolnám.” / Disquiet – “…the vibrant passages are austere while the mellow ones are warm and enveloping — which is to say, it cools down when it heats up.”(about “In fondo a un lago”) / NetMusic Life – “Un album che ha una qualità sonora eccellente…Di diritto nella lista delle release del 2013 da non dimenticare.” / The Sirens Sound - ”Keep listening as this one gets better and better by the minute”