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Alessandro Coronas

“I’ve been playing drumsets since the age of 12. After some years of furious drumming.

I found I liked music mostly. Expecially creating sonic little stories.

I started writing music with my long time friend Enrico Serra. I still own all our stuff on tapes.

I first composed a song called “see you later” and I still clearly remember where I was that day.

I went to the conservatory but I quitted 1 year and a half before the diploma cos I’ve had enough.

Then many years have passed. 1…2…3…4…5…6…7….8…9….etc..

Now I like to play my stuff, play in a creepy dub trio with F.S. Blumm and Luca Fadda and play with MuccaMacca.>

Plus other stuff that I have to keep secret.” If everything goes nicely I’ll play some Ballpen songs outdoor. But I’m not sure yet.”



[LBN005] Ballpen – “The dreams trilogy”

Title: The dreams trilogy [LBN005]

Artists: Ballpen

Genre/Style: Easy Listening/Dreamy/Electroacoustic/Minimal

Date: 11 October 2010

Country: Italy

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