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Go Ask Alice

The Go Ask Alice original team was created in Ostia Antica (Rome) during the 2012 by Flavio Moro and Lorenzo Albanese, while Valerio Occhiodoro joined them in February 2014. Actually

they officialise the formation of the group in spring 2013 with the composition of the first tracks. At the beginning they started to collaborate and interact on the basis of a pure friendly

cooperation, having music and cultural background apparently incompatible (electronic music and indie-rock). Successively they undertake an experience that became more conceptual,

focusing their music project on the pleasure to create and listen to it, without any preconception and hindrance related to their personal musical genre and the perceptions that it

provokes. What they’re aiming at is a common way to perceive the reality, free from a any sense of belonging, dominated by the melancholy arising from their local roots. Their first

album, entitled ‘Perfection is terrible’ is composed by 8 instrumental tracks, characterised by captivating synthesizer carpets, vaguely psychedelic and dreamlike, persistently melodic,

with suspense moments and rarefactions that betray a displayed passion for soundtracks. A brand new extended album is currently being prepared, with instrumental tracks in which

they’re trying to deepen some sounds and visual aspects partially included in the old compositions and, at the same time, exploring instrumental approaches and different concepts.

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[LBN040] Go Ask Alice - “Perfection is terrible”

Title: Perfection is terrible [LBN040]

Artist: Go Ask Alice

Genre/Style: Electronica/New wave/ambient

Date: 14 July 2017

Country: Italy

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