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Federico Orrù/Neeva commenced his musical experience in 1994 as dj/producer of abstract hip hop, getting closer to electronic sonorities in later years;

he graduated in psychology with a thesis on the systematic relations elapsing between art, computer studies and individuals.

He refers to stylist etiquettes such as rephlex, planet mu, cock rock disco, tiger beat six;

trying to find a point of contact between a more advanced experimentation and the dance floor.

He has been engaged for various years in giving sound to artistic events and live sets in different productions

taking place throughout the island; he collaborates with labels such as pitijamajusto (IT), joint operation (DE), artivu (SRD),

custom music records (US), signorafranca (IT) and Labèl netlabel (IT).

He accompanies his experience in the musical area with digital graphics and illustrations and takes part in exhibitions in Sardinia and the peninsula.

The live sets proposed focalize on recuperating extracts of audio material; mixing advertisment messages, samplings of hard bop and funk classics,

up to original productions of an abstract stamp; thus destructuring it all with bizarre and reckless editing.

The main concept underlying the works of this artist concerns the systematic analysis of the composing structure and the relation with the pubblic,

tending to emphasize acoustic/structural defragmentation, keeping the listener in a familiar environment , yet isolating and unbalanced,

working on the cyclic nature of the song’s form to reach an emotional structure.

Others Neeva’s albums & EP

[PJ001] – Neeva Orrù -”Pedditzi e Podigghe nell’esecuzione di piccoli lavori di carpenteria leggera” (pitjamajusto, 2005)

[CMR028] – Neeva – “muori, cavallo muori” (custom music records, 2007)

[SFR046] – Neeva – “circa famosi cantanti soul nell’atto dell’indossare tute da ginnastica in acetato” (signorafranca, 2008)

[NET001] – AA.VV. – “NETTARE compilation AA.VV.” (nettare, 2009)


[LBN006] Neeva - E non sai quanto ci penso

Title: E non sai quanto ci penso [LBN006]

Artists: Neeva

Genre/Style: Electronics/Hip Hop/ Melodramatic Popular Songs

Date: 20 November 2010

Country: Italy

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