[LBN040]  Go Ask Alice – “Perfection is terrible” (July 14, 2017)

[LBN040] Go Ask Alice - “Perfection is terrible”

This self-produced EP is the first work by Go Ask Alice: eight instrumental tracks, composed between 2012 and 2013, recorded and mixed by Matteo Spinazzé, in collaboration with Curzio Ferri playing drums and Andrea Oggiano with his acoustic guitar.
Perfection is terrible is the first verse of Sylvia Plath’s poem “The Munich Mannequins”.
“Perfection” here is completeness, closure, inability to evolve and reborn, perfection is death.
Perfection is indeed terrible, can’t have a child, just as Plath’s Munich Mannequins, cold marble statues, beautiful and perfect, frozen with us in a never ending present, the immense futureless present of the “capitalist realism”: the end of history.

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Rockerilla:  “Otto tracce in bilico tra la semplicità degli arrangiamenti e la dolcezza dello spleen”

100%bandcamp:  “Une production qui alterne le chaud et le froid, le calme et la tempête dans des morceaux aux ambiances tendues.”

Recent Music Heroes:  “The result is blissful thanks to some cinematic development as if being languished by the sun during a very hot summer day.”

Your Eyes Webzine:  “Comunque, se la perfezione è terribile, almeno musicalmente i nostri il rischio lo corrono avvicinandovisi pericolosamente”

Musique Libre:  “Bref, une musique polymorphe, du singulier, de l’écho et de la répétition sans être dépressive, selon moi”

Music Wont Save You:  “Saliscendi emotivi che rideclinano in maniera per nulla oziosa il “soft/loud”

Beach Sloth:  “the songs possess a charming tenderness. Melodies glisten with great vibrancy, perfectly embodying a hope of sorts.”

Traks:  “Un lavoro ben fatto, vario nei modi e nelle scelte.”